Tue 28 February 2017

Install and configure a full software stack for a Flask app: Apache, Gunicorn, MongoDB, Redis
A few days ago, I had to deploy a new Flask application for a customer and here are some notes which could be useful for somebody, as well. I will show how everything is configured, even if here, in this tutorial, I have just a minimal Flask app, in one …

Mon 10 October 2016

Deploy your Flask Web Application on Ubuntu 16.04 with Apache, Gunicorn and systemd
I still get questions from time to time about how to deploy a python web application using Apache and not NGINX. Here is a quick tutorial to deploy your Flask application on Ubuntu 16.04 or any linux distribution (considering relevant changes) using Apache, Gunicorn and systemd. Until some weeks …

Sat 16 July 2016

Smartmontools, ZFS Snapshots with zfs-periodic and OpenSMTPD on FreeBSD 10.3 NAS
After upgrading my home NAS server, reinstalling FreeBSD and changing a bit the configuration of my services running on this machine, I wanted to reconfigure my notification system to receive periodic emails about the status of zfs, security, and so on. So, here is just a quick tutorial how to …

Wed 06 July 2016

GitLab Continuous Integration Runner Installation on SLES 12
At work we are using GitLab Comunity Edition hosted on our servers. GitLab includes Git repository management, code reviews, issue tracking, wikis, plus GitLab CI, a continuous integration and deployment tool similar to Jenkins or TeamCity. Being responsible with architecting and implementing the infrastructure for our web application, I spent …

Fri 24 June 2016

Scale your Flask Python Web Application with Docker and HAProxy
For the last few months I was using Docker quite intensively for my projects and I really like it. In this post I will just describe the necessary steps to deploy a minimal Flask python application and scale it using docker-compose and HAProxy. So, here is a diagram with what …

Mon 25 April 2016

Upgrading my home NAS server - (HP Proliant Microserver Gen8 + FreeBSD 10.3 + ZFS + Jails)
I am using FreeBSD+ZFS for my NAS home server since 2009, see my old post about it here: My ZFS Home NAS/HTPC Box Build The setup worked perfectly in the last years and even if I had a few hard drives failures I never lost any data. Replacing …

Sun 06 March 2016

Let's breathe life back into my blog
I haven’t updated it in a while and the content is quite old and maybe boring :) But here I am and the first step was to migrate from Wordpress to Pelican. That way will be faster for me to publish content and to maintain it, as well. I decided …

Fri 14 March 2014

What Does It Mean To Be A Blackbelt?
{% youtube fUuIoxsm9p8 [560] [315] %} Thanks Roy Dean !!! Great martial artist, great teacher and great inspiration. I would like to have the opportunity to train with you.

Sun 27 October 2013

LESS, Sass, Stylus - CSS Preprocessors
A few months ago I started using CSS preprocessors to write CSS files. When I heard about them I just wanted to see how they work and what they can do but after some days I could see how useful they are. I started with LESS and after getting a …

Wed 05 October 2011

Gym and fitness routine
I started going to gym about three years ago. I am still a beginner and here I put some ideas which I learnt during these three years of tryings and experimenting different things. What it's working for me maybe it's not working for you, or vice versa, that's why you …