Set up a wireless network in the new house

Sun 23 March 2008

As you read in my previous post , we arrived in UK already. I have internet connection at work, but I need also at home internet, because during the evening I am reading news, emails, messenger, .... I prefer now, to set up a wirelesss network for my home, because I don't like to have cables in the house.

My computers are here. For Amilo notebook I had already a PCMCIA card "Netgear WG511T" which is working fine on Windows XP, FreeBSD and Linux, Vaio notebook come with an integrated wifi card, I have installed on it Vista and I don't have problems with the wireless card, so what I needed it was a PCI/USB wireless card for the desktop computer which has to work with Linux, Windows and also *BSD operating system and also a wireless router.

Surfing on the internet, reading opinions and different forums, I decided to buy a Linksys WRT54G wireless broadband router, maybe in the future I will try to installĀ  linux on it (openwrt or something similar), and as PCI card I took Edimax EW-7128G wireless adapter which it seems that is working fine with Linux, Windows and FreeBSD/OpenBSD.

The router was very easy to set up and is working fine. I had some problems in installing the PCI wireless card on my Opensuse 10.3 box, finally it is working, I will write here a short tutorial in the next post.

I am really happy with my new wireless network.