LaTeX with Eclipse IDE running on Windows Vista

Mon 28 April 2008

Usually for Java stuff I am using Eclipse IDE.

I am also a LaTeX user and under Windows I am using MikTeX. More about which applications I am using in a next post.

As text editors, of course you can use vim/gvim (with vim-latex plugin), emacs (with AucTeX), TexnicCenter (a free windows application) or Kile (KDE aplication on Linux/Unix). There are many editors but what I pointed here I think are the most suitable for latex from my experience.

What I missed all the time was version control system (cvs, svn). Version control is very well integrated in Eclipse so I decided to give a try to Texlipse plugin which adds LaTeX publishing support. Also you can add spell checking support using Aspell.

So, I downloaded Miktex, I installed it on Windows Vista, so I played a bit with LaTeX to be sure that it is working fine, and after that I added Texlipse plugin to Eclipse, I started by play arround with it.

Trying to compile an article didn't work, I got an error: "The file system path could not be retrieved".

At the beginning I didn't know if it is a miktex instalation/configuration problem or is something strange with Texlipse configuration.

After spending some time fighting with it, I found that is a Vista problem, so here is the solution:

Open a command prompt and type:

set > pdflatex.bat

edit pdflatex.bat and put at the first line:

@echo off

because we don't want to see every time these commands on screen.

On the last line in that file, put your magic command to process the latex file, pdflatex.exe or latex.exe, depends what you want to have as output, .dvi file or .pdf file:

pdflatex.exe %*   or   latex.exe %*

Now, we go back in Texlipse configuration and point the build command to this batch file instead of the normal pdflatex.exe or latex.exe.

Everything should be fine and working now. I am sorry that I didn't add the links for every plugin/application but using google is very easy to find them if you want to play with.