Animations in PDF using LaTeX

Fri 03 October 2008

I am using LaTeX (started with LaTeX 2.09, followed by LaTeX 3e) for everything technical and scientific (reports, articles, master/diploma thesis, presentations - yes, I am preparing my presentation with it, posters, letters, ..). In the last year I changed to pdfTeX in order to obtain directly pdf file output without intermediate steps like dvi and ps, and to replace eps files from my computer with pdf files. For Windows I am using MiKTeX with TeXnicCenter which is a great editor.

Of course that I need to include animations in my presentations (for example some simulations movies). I use all the time .avi files so here are just two methods to include them in pdf.

I saw that a lot of people included as well swf, mpeg, wmv, mpg, but in my case doesn't work with the second method, avi worked in both cases. Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 8.1.0) doesn't want to play this kind of movies (file unsuported). I couldn't include gif file. So, here are the methods:

  • using "movie15" package:
    %include the package
    Click bellow to start the movie:\  
    % we can use also: mpeg wmv mpg swf
  • using "multimedia" package:
    %include the packages
    Click bellow to start the movie:\  

If you know how to include gif in pdf files and to work in Acroread on Linux, then, please let me know.