Starting with LaTeX/PdfTeX, a small template

Fri 10 October 2008

Just a short template with some packages included:


% let's use some nice packages
% set all margins to 2.5 cm
% for fancy and easy modification of header and footer
% include hyperlinks in pdf file
% decide if run PdfTeX or LaTeX
% we are running LaTeX, not pdflatex
% we are running pdflatex, so convert .eps files to .pdf

% also include colors
% define bottom line of paper, for DRAFT option
\draftcopyName{preprint / }{1.2}
 -- contact: --}

% define a path for your images

% define a new command

\title{Your Title}
\author{Your Name}

% show the title, author and date

% article's abstract
body of abstract

\section{Section Name}
\subsection{Subsection Name}

% include the bibliography but using bibtex


Next step is to look at this nice book. That's all. Bye!