Using LaTeX in Scribus for posters

Wed 03 December 2008

I am using LaTeX and beamer class to make presentations and posters. A short introduction to start with latex is available. Sometimes I am using LaTeX just to produce eps/pdf text boxes and after that Scribus for poster layout. In the last development version of Scribus, which is 1.3.5svn, there is possible to use latex source/expressions directly in document, so is not necessary anymore the aditional step to create eps/pdf text boxes.

For OpenSUSE there is the last version here:

but I don't want to replace stable version, so I will install the latest development version in my home directory

Warning: The documents saved in 1.3.5 will not be back compatible with the other versions, more here:

Let's install the last development of Scribus (it is very stable for what I need, I didn't have any problems with it):

$ mkdir ~/aplic/scribus_135
$ mkdir ~/tempsrc
$ cd ~/tempsrc
$ svn co svn://
$ cd Scribus
$ cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=~/aplic/scribus_135

I obtained an error during the compilation because I didn't have "libqt4-devel" so:

$ zypper install libqt4-devel

$ make
$ make install
$ ~/aplic/scribus_135/bin/scribus

Here are two screenshots, the main window and scribus latex editor:



That's all.