Parallel Programming with MPI in Bristol

Thu 26 March 2009

I spent the last 4 days in Bristol to attend to "Parallel Programming with MPI" course, provided by HECToR which is the UK's high-end computing resource, funded by the Research Councils and available for researchers at UK universities, and by NAG - The Numerical Algorithms Group specialized in the provision of software for the solution of mathematical, statistical and data mining problems.

The course covered the Introduction to MPI and Advanced MPIMPI (Message Passing Interface) is the de facto standard for parallel programming. I have also some experience with PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) my Master Thesis was based on that, and I learnt a lot about OpenMP, so I wanted to extend my knowledge for Parallel Programming with MPI.

The course introduced the concepts and terminology of High Performance Computing (HPC).  After an detailed look at point-to-point and collective communication, we learnt some more advanced topics: Cartesian topologies, MPI derived data types, user-defined binary operators, groups and communicators. We also had a lot of practical exercises to solve.  It was a great course.